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Below is a list of account names terminated for violations of our Terms of Service.
Each account includes the time they were removed and the reason for their termination. (All times are GMT).

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colemanpecola2010-09-16 05:26:44suspended - more than 30 days inactive
chatp122010-09-15 03:27:06suspended - more than 30 days inactive
alaskanray2010-09-11 04:42:59suspended - when is your Birthday? June or August?? need to contact admin
rinkuojhaguna2010-09-09 11:13:07canceled - India not allowed
fandejordi2010-09-04 06:28:28canceled - Morocco not allowed
surya6832010-09-03 13:06:57canceled - signed up as an advertiser, they don't need an account and member is from India
inboden2010-09-02 19:24:57suspended - more than 30 days inactive
thegeppo2010-08-29 17:50:20suspended - more than 30 days inactive
trishmich442010-08-29 17:49:01canceled - more than 30 days inactive and signed up only
montu2010-08-27 12:05:03canceled - India not allowed & selected all keywords
simncheto2010-08-23 15:12:48canceled - Bulgaria not allowed and check all keywords
lrdl35352010-08-22 20:39:34suspended - 30 days or more inactive
tahi2010-08-21 18:18:30suspended - 30 days or more inactive
meluvthis2010-08-21 18:10:15suspended - signed up only, more than 30 days inactive
tovy42010-08-21 07:54:20suspended - 30 days or more inactive
dlb16882010-08-20 04:52:51canceled - says from Hongkong - Australia???, IP is from China
yip1002010-08-17 17:59:54suspended - 30 days or more inactive
snowbunnynnc2010-08-16 15:18:52suspended - 30 days or more inactive, signed up only
purged2010-08-09 15:00:27more than 30 days inactive or signed up only:
casino, sabrygi, tuana2mk, pepee, kellybouchard, rdtemplet, cubbiebear2474, deborah55203, valerie21601
nbnryan92010-08-09 14:52:56canceled - India not allowed
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